Presidential No No’s and More

24 Jul

The Thunder Awards


Winner(s) of the Week: Mark Buehrle for being the 18th Major League Baseball pitcher to throw a no hitter. The second no-hitter of his career and only the sixth pitcher in MLB history to have multiple no-no’s. Just to put this in perspective, the original incarnations of professional baseball go back to 1867. Since the true advancement of the professional game in the early 20th century there have only been 18 no hitters? It’s just impressive.

A double winner this week as Afghanistanheld it’s first ever national televised Presidential debate. Despite the absence of the incumbent President Hamid Karzaithis debate should hold significance, both for the Afghan and American people. For a nation often viewed by Americans as a backward, war torn, quagmire this could be an initial sign of both progress and stability. For Afghanistan this can show the world their political passions and how they that can unite a country in common purpose, which has been lost from the region for decades. Regardless, this first step towards a modern political dialogue should be applauded.  

Loser of the Week:President Obama, he lost pretty huge this week when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reidsaid that no vote on a comprehensive Health care Reform bill would be had before the August recess. This essentially means that the President has lost the iniciative on health care reform. Not only is the policy in legislative limbo for the moment, but the President’s TV press conference did little to stir passion on the issue as the news cycle was dominated by the Skip Gates scandal.

All in all this was the first week where the President came back to earth and his popularity couldn’t keep his agenda on track. The real problem the President faces is that any major and controversial subjects, like Health care Reform, will have to be decided before the end of the year as 2010 is an election year and Congress will be given over to the obsequious realities of campaign politics.  

The George W. Bush Career Memorial Trophy:Sarah Palin, she’s still in the news. All kinds of legit news outlets, unlike this one, are still circling the the Alaska Governor’s soon to be political corpse. The way you know she’s done is that Dems keep trying to prop her up, Sen’s Boxer and Kerry wrote a reaction article to some of Gov. Palin’s comments on global warming. Why would significant Dems like Boxer and Kerry address Palin when the President is struggling to keep a Health care reform movement alive? Well it’s dead now, but at the time it was still alive.

Personally, I think Democrats see Palin as a ideologically divisive political figure in the Republican Party and wouldn’t mind keeping her around. By responding to her arguments they give her credence and prop her political street cred up. It’s either good politics or shouting down irrelevance, but either way it’s hard to tell with these two Senators.




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