Another Example of Why I’m For Licensing Journalists

28 Jul

While I believe the Huffington Post is a legitimate, if ridiculously biased, media outlet, it’s poor sportsmanship to chase legislators down on the street. Despite the fact that the issue being discussed is crazy and the Representatives in question shouldn’t have a problem answering the question, whether or not the President is a citizen of the US, this does not legitimize the underhanded tactics being employeed.  

The video below is pretty funny, although my cubicle mate and I got into a heated debate on the legitamacy of the questioning style. Ernie (author of the infamous Ernie Crossing the Line Blog ) called the Congressman, “cowardly” for not answering the simple question. I called the questioner a hack and used this video to call into question the journalistic integrity Mike Stark who has to chase people down on the street.

Pretty funny. Especially, Rep. Murphy (R-PA) spending 20 minutes in a stationary store to avoid Stark. But such tactics lend themselves to adverse responses. Also I’m sure such avoidance strategies are not partisan, the Dem’s can fake phone calls, duck into meets and run with the best of them.

I’m just saying, perhaps if The Huffington Post wants to be considered a credible journalistic source they shouldn’t be taking from Michael Moore’s playbook.


3 Responses to “Another Example of Why I’m For Licensing Journalists”

  1. Dave July 28, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    I totally concede that Democratic Reps would probably exhibit the same behavior. However, I don’t think that it excuses the behavior. Although The Huffington Post is most definitely a liberal blog, I do believe it is a legitimate media outlet, just like Drudge Report is for conservatives.

    As our elected leaders, I expect them to be able to answer a simple yes or no question in a polite without evading the questioner, so long as the questioner is being polite. That’s why we have media. Sometimes we as citizens don’t have the time to ask the questions of our reps so they must ask them for us. They should be adult enough to answer “Do you think the President is a natural-born U.S. citizen?” or “How do you feel about the health care bill so far?”

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  2. Jim Gibbons July 28, 2009 at 8:17 pm #

    Politicians don’t need to be licensed, so those watch-dogging over them shouldn’t be restricted in that way either. That is an uneven playing field, my friend.

    I may not agree with bad journalism, but I’ll fight for the right of every Tom, Dick and Harry to practice it (though I’d fight much harder for their right to practice good journalism)!

    • mflynn09 July 28, 2009 at 8:28 pm #

      Whilst I believe you are correct. I think that journalists can wield more power by directing national perception. The media can have a very strong effect on the outcome of elections and representation of public sentiment. A journalist could, hypothetically, ruin a politicians career by publishing articles about extra-martial affairs that maybe untrue but not proven untrue until after an election and said politician has already lost. While the journalists false claims have gone un-check…
      You can license journalists without harming free speech and journalistic freedoms, a license could just be a regulated endorsement that of a journalist credibility and proof of their ethical methods. This wouldn’t stop our blogs or other media outlets, it would just give a recognition and weight to the New York Times over the Drudge Report…which maybe a good thing.

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