Don’t Stop to Think- The Obama Legislative Plan

29 Jul

The concept of Universal Health care isn’t bad, nor is support of such a legislative anti-Republican. But it must be through competition, not through government intervention.

This is not to say that a government run health insurance program is wholly a bad idea, as some conservatives would argue. As long as the government program acts as a safety net coverage policy, not a serious industry competitor. The government program can catch those who would fall through the cracks and end up being a greater fiscal burden on the tax payer by ending up in the hospital in need of emergency treatment.

That being said the government program has to be revenue neutral without levying broad tax increases. A safety net government option can still have a cost to the individual, it just has to be a much reduced cost so as to have a beneficial effect on the problem of getting the uninsured covered.

While there are many options that could bridge the funding gap, a tax on certain very high priced health plans could be an acceptable revenue boost to close the funding gap. Though I can say that because I don’t have to run a campaign based upon the fundraising I would do with those effected by such a tax.

But it has to be more than just a tax on the wealthy, it has to be a systemic reform on insurance costs to provide optimal coverage without making the wealthy pay for it.

The real concern about a health care reform is that it would rushed through without enough weight given to some of the real problems and costs surrounding an overhaul.  The Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan organization, has said that the current drafts of the health care legislation could break the budget. But this kind of slap-dash legislative policy seems to be the Presidents preferred way of doing business .

A very similar aggressive tact was taken on the subject of the federal stimulus. It became an imperative policy, if something was not done it would the economy would collapse. Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!  I mean, bad things for related to money and whatnot.

The hap hazardly formulated result of the economic scare tactics was a poorly designed legislation that groaned with programmatic augmentation, while being very light on actual job and business growth. Basically heavy on the recovery, light on the stimulus. 

Haste in this case may do much more serious harm because of its focus on a total industry revamp. A poorly constructed bill could set back real health care progress for a generation and while saddling them with mounting foreign debt.  

Regardless of your stance on health care it can be agreed upon that it is far too important an issue to be rushed through the legislature to appease the liberal wing of the Democratic party or recover lost political momentum going into an election year. Either way this fall maybe the winter of Obamas discontent.


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