The Cove: Flipper meets Whale Wars, minus the Eco-Terrorism

6 Aug

I’m not generally down with the radical eco movements, but this is an excellent movie with a good message. And the activists who work to document the dolphin killings at Taiji do so with an eye on education over spectacle.

Besides the political agenda, which while poignant is not ridiculous and most likely would fit in with mainstream Americans, this is a very well done and exciting documentary that feels a little more James Bond than Paul Watson.(That guy is crazy, you’d know if you watched Whale Wars)

Basically, a Japanese Island’s sole economy is the capturing of dolphins for commercial use. Either as entertainers, as in Sea Worlds or similar parks around the work, or as produce. Enter the  intrepid and resourceful band of filmmakers/activists/adventure seekers to document the brutality and cruetly of the cove on  Taij.


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