Health Care Republican Strategy: All for One, and All for Obstruction

13 Aug

gop-hearing-problemThe President and the more liberal wing of the Democratic party’s push for a health care system overall has done the one thing that no Republican could do, unite the Republican party.

Of course the word unite perhaps is a little overzealous, perhaps jointly angered is a better way to say it.  Many conservatives, like Fox New Contributor Monica Crowley, have taken the opportunity to label Democrats as some version of out of touch, socialist or snobbish superiorists bent on forcing a radically leftist agenda on the country. Either way, apparently the crazy ranting game is back in full swing after a 200 day sojourn, course this time it’s the Republican’s turn.

The strange thing about this debate is that more than others the crazy rantings are based in a certain level of truth. Is the President a socialist? No, but he has said that if he could do it over again he would choose a single payer system, basically a socialized medical system, like Canada or Britain currently has.

You can have a Democracy and have socialized medicine, in fact almost any nation you can name with such a system is also a western democracy. That doesn’t make it right, it’s just an important distinction to draw.  But the term socialism is thrown around so much you’d think the Cold War hadn’t ended almost 20 years ago.

But every time that Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team brazenly sidestep protests, they lay credence to the perception that they are operating under some kind of parental like mandate; as if Americans don’t know what’s best for them and just need to take their medicine. No pun intended.

Such arrogance spurns those who have legitimate concerns about a liberal health care reform that seems to be more focused on expanding access, than ensuring quality, affordable care. There is a very real debate that needs to happen between conservatives and liberals on the issue of health care reform, and incendiary remarks on both sides distract from the overall goal.

My personal belief is that the best course of action is a mixture of industry reform and a government safety net plan with the focus on quality and preventative care, rather then purely on universal access. The list of problems is unreal, but easily the most significant is cost. The Wall Street Journal published an insightful editorial on the subject of cost, which should certainly should give pause to those sold on a public option(at least how the President has talked about it so far).

But beyond just the cost issue there is the problem of the national concerns with treatment over prevention. There is not enough education and promotion from insurers to get regular check-ups and tests, or enough incentives to promote healthy activity or gym memberships.There is the problem of course with these kinds of proactive health incentives is that you’d have to be paying for your health care plan, otherwise you’re just trying to pay people to be healthy rather then really reducing the risk carried by an insurance company.

This recent public uproar should be an opportunity for Republicans to offer an alternative health care reform plan. But that would make too much sense.


3 Responses to “Health Care Republican Strategy: All for One, and All for Obstruction”

  1. The Esteemed Gentleman August 14, 2009 at 1:31 am #

    You know what else should give people sold on a public option/single-payer system a moment of pause? The fact that members of Congress would exempt themselves from having to comply with such a plan, instead keeping their current health care plans:

    If that doesn’t tell us all we need to know about the Democrats “plan” then I don’t know if anything ever will.

  2. Lark August 20, 2009 at 4:44 am #

    Democracy or Republic, Which is it? – Ben LaRosa…
    Fact is USA is NOT a democracy it IS a Constitutional Republic. So pale thunder, go back to school, or move to one of your western democratic socialist alternatives.

    • Mike Flynn August 20, 2009 at 12:23 pm #

      hahaha. Actually, the US is a Federal Constitutional Republic which is a form of Democracy, as it is a government powered by the people in the form of elected representation. The US already employees many socialist programs and policies from social security to mandated car insurance. If done correctly in a Republican way a public option would merely be the private industry jointly sharing the highest risk portions of the population, so that the burden of care for that population doesn’t end up falling on the taxpayer when they inevitably go to the hospital without health care. Fact.

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