Health Care Rant Part 2 and Vick Goes Soaring with the Birds, While Palin’s Numbers Take a Dive

14 Aug

Week In PaleView

Once again the health care debate dominated the news cycle and most of the President’s time. The sad thing is that many of these events have become side shows, as the crowds display an almost visceral hatred of their Congressman/Congresswoman or Senator. The cheering, yelling, sign holding and general lack of respect shown by the public has proven that the place for civilized public discourse may have passed. (A note of apology for those who attend these meetings and conduct themselves with dignity and respect, if only such qualities were news worthy)

Most of the disruptions have seemed to reveal a basic public ignorance of both the President’s health care plan and any semblance of civic understanding. Not that I’m defending the President’s plan, although to be fair there really is no real plan just a series of speeches and several different bills floating between Committees in Congress, but it would be nice for people to understand it; before they get angry and start yelling.

The real shame is that such theater has muddied the political waters so that Republican activists claim a popular grass roots movement against health care reform in its entirety. Further, Democratic leadership has responded in a series of high handed comments belittling any real discontent on the health care reform as Republican masterminded obstructionism. So health care reform has become a political football being tossed about with little regard for the actual policies that both sides purport to stand so strongly behind.

In the meantime, the President has stumbled around the debate without taking real control of the message.  The result is a series of tame town hall meetings populated by sycophants or moderate opposition, where tough questions are scarce and real public engagement on the issues are even scarcer. What we need is a good and honest debate.

The President should call out health care reform opposition members and force them to debate him on his ideas. Do it just like the campaign, except with a tougher moderator and rules that instigate more than a 30 second sound bite answer.  There are heavyweight Republicans across the board who could draw out the policy concerns that conservatives have, without having to call the President a socialist who wants to kill your grandmother.

I’m just saying I heard the President call for change in the election. For a new way of governing and engaging the public. All I’m asking for him to do is live up to that promise.

Now, to the fun stuff.

The Thunder Awards


Winner of the Week: Michael Vick, who announced yesterday that he had signed a two year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles worth $1.5M in the first year and a second year option worth over $5M. For a guy that spend two years in prison, has been forced into bankruptcy and generally had his wealth, fame and empire either taken away or permanently stained it’s good to see an NFL team provide the man a second chance. He’s paid his debt to society, and will soon to his creditors, it’s time to let him try and regain his reputation and earn a living again.


Loser of the Week: Sarah Palin, for choosing to use Facebook, that well-respected media outlet, to respond to the Presidents comments about health care. She joins the million plus facebookers who can post an article on the popular social networking site. Not exactly a discerning publisher.

Also this week CNN released a poll that showed her favorable numbers steadily dropping. Since the last poll conducted in May her favorable numbers have dropped 7 points to 39%. All signs show that Gov. Palin’s national political ship is sinking and as a moderate New England Republican all I can say is, thank God.

As Palin’s polls plummet (yey alliteration) former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney becomes more and more, well positioned as the favorite to take the Republican nomination for 2012.


Quote of the Week: “I’m not going to channel my husband.” -Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

So perhaps Sec. Clinton has some husband overshadowing issues. That being said I like the strength and conviction of her response. Part of her tour in Africa is about the role of women and to advocate on the behalf of greateer equality for women on the continent. There is no greater way to provide this message to African women than to display her strength.


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