District 9 Review-No Spoilers or Big Details, Just Love for a Good Movie

18 Aug

Directed by newbie Neill Blomkamp, and Produced by Peter Jackson, District 9 opened at number 1 over the weekend racking in $37.3m.  This is one of those science fiction movies that it’s establishes credibility through portraying the honest, if also dark, side of humanity and making that the focus, not the awesomeness of the special effects.

Where many sci-fi/fantasy films would suffer from a lack of mythological basis or exposition, District 9 flourishes by engaging with recognizable organization types (MNU, the evil multinational corporation) and keeping a tight center on the hapless, but empathetic protagonist Wikus (Sharlto Copley).  Why the alien ship becomes trapped on Earth or why it’s inhabitance are discovered in an abject state are unexplained, but this doesn’t matter as the drama takes place in the ghetto like town where the “prawns”,  as they are pejoratively called for their crustacean like appearance, live in even greater poverty. When Wikus is given the honor of relocating the prawns to a new and better camp he stumbles upon something which will change the fate of human and prawn alike.

To review this film any further would betray its basic appeal as a fresh and original science fiction film, so I won’t say anything more except that it’s awesome and well worth a trip to the box office.  I also enjoyed District 9’s success this week as it helped knock the disappointing GI Joe: Rise of Cobra down a few notches, perhaps waking Paramount and Hasbro up as to the true awfulness.  But back to District 9, just see it.


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