Thunder Awards Tribute-Tedd Kennedy

28 Aug

The Thunder Awards Tribute to Tedd Kennedy


Tedd Kennedy was a legend, a towering public figure whose service transcended politics and policy, as true advocate on the issues he cared about.  His victories, as well as his personal failures, are well documented; but as the gates of Camelot forever close in the books of history I cannot help but think that the man called the Liberal Lion was the last true 20th century American statesman. 

Sure this is a grandeous introduction akin to what many this week have written about the man, as if he were  some kind of American myth, like he and Paul Bunyan conquered the west with Babe the blue Ox. But the reasons that Senator Kennedy is so well loved by his friends and enemies alike are because of his genuine appreciation for those around him and how his faults humanized an almost saint-like dynasty. He brought the kingdom to earth a little bit, letting regular Americans think they weren’t so different, if even for a moment, then the Kennedy’s.

I never had the fortune to meet him, or see him speak  in person, all I have is the documentaries, articles and volumes of personal accounts with which to understand a man who carried the burden of a family and a nation’s dream after experiencing so much lost. But it wasn’t like he carried that burden on a super human level, he stumbled as any man would. But that was his brilliance. By surviving the scandals and periodic missteps he reveled to America  the true link between the Kennedy’s and the nation they served so well.

As a Republican I always viewed Ted Kennedy as the heart of liberalism, a fierce advocate for a disagreeable philosophy. But the more you learn about the man called the Liberal Lion of the Senate, the more you appreciate how he honestly tried to work with his Republican colleagues.  While he was certainly a political beast, I cite the current upheaval in Massachusetts in how to fill his vacant Senate seat, he never  seemed to lose site of the Republican across the isle as a man and a fellow patriot. This should be the legacy of Ted Kennedy, not a liberal or a Democrat, but as a statesman for whom progress meant more than party.

 While the progress he fought for was not always popular, he seemed content to push America towards that which it knew was right but didn’t have the courage to do. This statement comes from Senator Kennedy’s work for racial equality in Boston, and across the country. Sure he was liberal, but honestly if you can’t appreciate, respect and honor the service that Ted Kennedy then you’ll never understand what makes this country so great.



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