George Will and Big Mamma’s House In the Same Post…I have talent, or it’s just winners and losers

4 Sep

Winner of the Week: George Will, his Washington Post editorial entitled Afghanistan: Time to Stop Nation-Building has really stirred up the conservative pot on the issue of Afghanistan. As a leading conservative intellectual Will’s article has seems to voice a growing dissent amongst Republicans as to the nature and end game of the war in Afghanistan. The President’s new strategy in Afghanistan will need Republican support to counter-balance the strong peace movement in the Democratic party. Will’s article may have really struck a cord within this debate that will inflame the argument…either way kudos to him.

bigmommashouseLoser of the Week:Everyone, as Martin Lawrence has signed on to do a third installment of every-ones favorite “comedy” Big Mamma’s house. So continues the degradation of American society.

Trailer of the Week:Bookdock Saints II: All Saints Day, this much awaited sequel to the cult classic doesn’t look like it will live up the original…but you know we’ll all still go see it.

Valid Point of the Week:TMQ is on record as thinking Michael Vick’s punishment was “out of proportion to his actions and his status as a first-time offender,” especially since thousands of animals are killed in the United States every day without the killers so much as being criticized, let alone imprisoned. Federal regulations classify shooting and electrocution — what Vick did to his dogs — as humane methods of cattle slaughter. How many people bit into a cheeseburger while denouncing Vick? – Gregg Easterbrook, ESPN


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