Pandorum: Not Exactly Pyscho in Space with Zombies, but Close

28 Sep

It’s a psychological thriller, in space…with zombies.  But it kind of forgets the psychological thrillerness, and in some ways the space…but it’s got tons of zombies. But most of the zombie coolness and action scenes involving the zombies are masked by frantic and sometimes spastic camera movement that makes the movements almost incomprehensible.

The basic premise of Pandorum is Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) is awoken from hypersleep onboard the Elysium, basically humanities last hope since Earth died, and he joins forces with Lt. Payton (Dennis Quaid) when he realizes something is very, very, very wrong on the Elysium. Muaaaahhhhaaahhhaaahh

But anyway. It’s the kind of movies that twists and turns without ever building to something. When Payton sends Bower out into the ship to reconnect the power, so they can open the front door of their hyperbed room, he finds a lord of the flies like world of space zombies hunting the remaining members of the crew, who have naturally turned to solitary lives…with spears.  Despite the craziness outside Payton guides Bower towards the reactor core on an odyssey like journey, recruiting a hot chick and a member of the all blacks to help him fend off the zombies on his travels.

But when Payton starts to experience the symptoms of Pandorum, space crazy, all bets are off.

It’s has some interesting moments and unique plot twists, but it’s not exactly psycho or even Event Horizon. Not very much is explained which makes it difficult to really buy into the concepts or the world which they create. But what’s worse is that the movie still find a way to build tension and establish a level of engagement with the audience that is ultimately cheapened through confusion and predictability.

It’s just one more semi-average horror flick that sci-fi will show for a weekend.

I think John from the movie blog also brings up a cromulent point, and basically embodies what you should think before seeing this movie.



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