The Soloist and 2010 Oscar Field

14 Oct

The Soloist, starring Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx, was a glaring hole in my movie viewings this year, so I rectified that last weekend with a few of my friends. It may be an Oscar movie, the academy will love both Downey and Foxx who both gave excellent performances; especially Foxx who bravely portrays the troubled musical genius Nathaniel Ayers. Directed by Joe Wright (Atonement), this movie really doesn’t have any significant flaws, except that it’s kind of similar in theme and content to the 1996 movie “Shine”. This may have been why the movie release date was pushed back, I’m not really sure…but either way you have got to figure either Foxx or Downey Jr. get a nomination. But overall it’s probably not a strong contender considering the field.

But due to it’s general goodness, I will now move on to something completely different. And by completely different, I mean semi-related.

The 2010 Oscars favorites. We are now well into the post summer season and the last quarter of the Oscar year.  Apparently, the scuttlebutt (I just wanted to use that word) is…

Some Best Picture favorites:

The Lovely Bones– Peter Jackson’s long awaited directorial debute…post The Lord the of the Rings.

Precious – based on the novel “push” by Sapphire, this won the grand prize at Sundance. I haven’t seen it, but I have trouble believing that any movie with Mariah Carey could be a legit best picture candidate…but that’s just he family guy in me talking probably.

UP– The surprisingly melancholy Pixar film maybe  best shot for a cartoon (ish) movie to win best picture. I mean probably not, Wall-E was a better film but the field is so competitive every year it’s hard to see Pixas being able to stack up against the Milk’s, Hurt Lockers and Wrestlers of the world.

Invictus – It hasn’t come out yet but it’s directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon and about Nelson Mandela…enough said.  In theaters December 11th.

Up in Air-Another movie that hasn’t come out yet, that opens in December on Christmas Day, but is starring George Clooney and directed by Jason Reitman (Juno) it’s got a ton of oscar buzz as the legit romantic comedy film of the year.

The Informant! – Starring Matt Damon as a hilariously confused corporate whistle blower, directed by Steven Soderbergh this is one of those movies whose nomination will make dark comedy lovers everywhere happy.  

The Hurt Locker– This was the breakout movie of the summer and is, as I posted earlier this year, awesome in every way. It’s far an away the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Jeremy Renner was excellent  and is sure to get a nomination for actor in a leading role. Director Kathyrn Bigelow is also favored to get a best director nomination.  I’m sure it’ll be an underdog to win best picture, but it really should be strongly considered.

Because I have basically been pitching this movie to everyone I talk to about movies and most of you have still not seen it so I took the liberty of looking up the show times in your respective areas (yes I know where you live)

Boston area –  Capitol Theatre: 204 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, MA 02474, 781-648-4340 Showtimes: 4:20pm and 7:20pm 

LA –  Beverly Center Cinemas: 8522 Beverly Blvd #835, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 310-652-7760 Showtimes: 12:10pm | 3:10pm | 6:30pm | 9:45pm 

 NYC – Quad Cinema: 34 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011, 212-255-8800 Showtimes: 1:05pm | 3:50pm | 6:40pm | 9:30pm

Unfortunely, no showing in DE or Philly…you snooze you lose. Shame on you all.

This is just a sampling of the oscar potential, there are a few others I refuse to mention or can’t validate the buzz because I haven’t seen the movies or don’t agree with the hype…sorry The Road and Avatar.  Although, Nine, An Education and Amelia I would consider after viewing. Also there are updated trailers for many of these film on the trailers page for your viewing pleasure…enjoy









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