Reid Test Drives Backbone and Thunder Awards

26 Oct

The New York Times reported Thursday night that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is actually going to push a public option. Either Reid is using stem cells to grow himself a backbone or he’s just posturing hoping the President will take a strong stance on the public option and help him whip his members into line.  Either way it’s looking the the Majority Leader is doing more than just making Speaker Pelosi doing the bug eyed thing. (Janeen, sorry about the bug eyes thing,  I’ll be in my Office)

reid-pelosiGhostbusters references aside, I’m really glad that we have moderates like Senator Snowe (R-Maine) working on this. She made a really good point that was also referenced in the NYT article, “We must not rush this train out of the station.’’ Health care reform is just to important to try rush through the process, especially when a lot of the rushing is due to political calculations by the administration. Not that they are invalid given that next year is an election year, when nobody is going to want to take a controversial vote. But given the failure of the legislation on Wednesday that would have increased doctor payouts to doctors, I think Senator Snowe’s concerns are valid.

Leader Reid though is pretty crazy frustrating given his inability to pretty much you know…lead. Given the wide majorities in the House and Senate how is it that Democrats can’t seem to advance their agenda? I just don’t get that. The only reasonable conclusion has got to be that the majority leadership has problems controlling their members. Maybe controlling is not the right world, perhaps corralling is more appropriate. Either way, it seems like both branches of the legislature are slogging along like the partisan divide isn’t as great as it is.  I can understand why many Democrats are frustrated with them, but as a Republican I’m liking our prospects for the mid-terms next year.

Thunder Awards

NLCS Dodgers Phillies Baseball

Winner of the Week: Philadelphia Phillies. I’m crazy bias being a Philly sports fan, but repeating as the NL champions is a pretty handy accomplishment for a team that has the most losses in MLB history. Besides it was a pretty convincing series, dominating the LA Dodgers in 5 games.  For all you Red Sox fans out there, and I know at least a few of you are out there and will read this, if you don’t cheer on the Phillies you are hypocrites. I’m just say’n.

Loser of the Week:
Anyone involved in the President’s move to ignore Fox News, I have no way of knowing this but it seems like a Rahm Emanuel kind of move. But I don’t think it really hurts Fox to not have the President on their morning shows, because it just provides a level of legit fuel to their fire. I don’t watch Fox news, but honestly you can’t ignore the constituency of their viewers. In fact the President should be on Fox News as much as possible, if for no other reason to speak to the audience who has the most doubts about him and his administration. Is this the kind of change that the President ran on? I would hope not.

New Trailer (s): Season of the Witch, starring Nick Cage and Ron Pearlman. This is one of those movies that may look kinda cool now, but is more like a Sci-Fi channel TV show when it comes out. It’s directed by Dominic Sena (Gone in 60 Second and Swordfish), so if nothing else we’ll probably get some decent action out of it.

The Wolfman, while the trailer has been leaked on line for months, a new trailer was officially debuted this week…it looks pretty awesome.


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