Avatar Featurette and Thunder Awards

30 Oct

This is the latest in advanced looks from James Cameron’s sci-fi epic, Avatar. Normally, I am a little reserved about these featurettes as I’m afraid they will reveal too much about the story and lessen the impact of the movie. But in reality this is a different kind of film, so these glimpses into the production and a few more screen shots will just serve to built popular anticipation of the film.  The real focus behind the anticipation of Avatar clearly isn’t story or acting, as much as it is the revolutionary film making techniques that Cameron is employing, and in some cases creating.

Thunder Awards

r3111713880Winner of the WeekHillary Clinton, for her bitch-slapping downage of Pakistan. Secretary Clinton said to a group of Pakistani journalists,  “I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are, and couldn’t get to them if they really wanted to.” I have to emphatically agree with her, we can’t keep writing checks to Pakistan’s military without started to expect some hard returns. I don’t necessarily want  Osama, but Pakistan is border line losing their Western frontier battle against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  I feel like takes US military aid and puts 90% of it into the possibility of a conflict with India, that fighting the insurgents who are actually in their country. Either way, kudos to her and honestly as a Republican I totally would have prefered her to the President, I just think she would have brought a pragmatism that the Obama administration lacks.

Loser of the Week – Everyone who thinks the economy is back because of the recent wopla over 3rd quarter growth. seriously, unemployment is still climbing and the value of the dollar is dangerously low. Economic measures like car sales and home prices are artificially good, (car sales up and home prices rising) because of federal programs, cash for clunkers and $8K home buyers rebate, meant to spur the market. But once these programs dry up, so will the sales profits. Employment is the best indicator of economic growth, as it represents the private sectors trust in the stability or growth of the market and overall economy. But the federal stimulus is was not a private sector stimulus, it was mostly a public sector stabilizer. But when the economy doesn’t recovery, because the private sector doesn’t think we’ve hit rock bottom yet, the bridge that the economic stimulus was suppose to be, will turn into a cliff.

The Levi Johnston Award for Beating a Dead Media Horse for No Real Gains – The Obama Administration’s continual war against Fox News. I would first like to state that I don’t watch Fox news, or the news really, as it is not really the news or any level of informative debate. Anthony Rudel, from the US News, wrote a really good article on this subject, Fox-White House Media War is killing the News. It’s just hilarious to me that the White House can label Fox a bias new network, without also labels MSNBC one as well.

The point is that the administration seems to believe that by ignoring Fox News that maybe they will go away, in reality it just strengthens the bias of conservative views that Fox serves. Which as a Republican kills me, because it may further drives the moderates away from the party.

Trailer(s) – This was a pretty good week for trailers, Invictus and the Green Zone clearly look to be the best movies of the bunch, not counting Alice in Wonderland as the trailer has been out for a while now this is just a new cut.

Alice in Wonderland (extended trailer) – it’s not a whole lot more than the previous trailer, but its new this week so I thought I’d spread it around. The clarity isn’t awesome, so you can also find it here.

Green Zone – Jason Bourne in Iraq, that’s basically all you need to know. Starring Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Jason Issacs and Brendan Gleeson. Directed by Paul Greengrass. Written by Brian Helgeland (LA confidential and Mystic River) — get excited about this movie, it’s got an all-star production team and cast.

Smokin Aces 2: Assassins Ball – The original was an average B rate action movie, and the sequel looks to be not that good; despite Vinny Jones being in it.

Invictus – Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, Directed by Clint Eastwood…that’s more than enough to validate a trip to the theater.


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