Election Results Sign that Conservatives are Out of Touch

5 Nov

Notice, that the title of this post doesn’t say Republicans are out of touch. Both Governor’s elect Chris Christie (R-NJ) and Bob McDonnell (R-VA) both won their elections by distancing themselves from social conservative values and rather focusing on local problems. Whereas the Conservative Congressional candidate in the NY-26th, Rich Hoffman, lost a close race to Democratic Bill Owens, with Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava playing spoiler taking 5% of the vote even after dropping out of the race. What this signals to me is that the “base” of the Republican party, aka purity conservatives – social/fiscal/national security all or none ideologues, are out of touch with main stream Americans.

These elections make moderate-big tent Republican’s salivate Easily the poster boy for this view point is Bob McDonnell who overtly down played former socially conservative stances. The Virginia race itself really is a good example of why Republican’s need to refocus their agenda on a more socially libertarian, fiscally conservative values structure. Virgina was a stalwart for President Obama both during the Democratic primary and the general election, swinging many traditionally Republican districts his way. Now Virginian’s went back to their Republican roots and in some ways showed the devaluation of the President’s hope driven, Washington outsider, bipartisan appeal.

Hard line social conservatives should take a look at Virgina and see what people want. At the end of the day a two party system only works if both parties serve a strong and vibrant constituency, and right now only Democrats are making a real play at the independents and moderates. Republicans need to use this election and a sign of things to come and a road map to broader victories through an agenda that focuses on government pragmatism, fiscal conservativism and a balanced foreign policy that focus’ on multilateralism. That is the way to a Republican presidency and congressional majority.


One Response to “Election Results Sign that Conservatives are Out of Touch”

  1. Chris November 19, 2009 at 8:49 pm #

    I actually think nothing you just wrote could be further from the truth. That article sounds like a James carville talking point!

    First off, it was the tea party movement led by conservatives that weakened obama’s agenda and in turn weakened his mandate he enjoyed. That’s why healthcare has stalled as well as othe aspects of his domestic agenda. This also led to the chink in the democrats armor that allowed them to be beat in nj and Va.

    Note that the republican victor in Va is a very strong conservative.

    There is a difference in making an election about social issues like abortion and gay marriage and saying conservatives lost in this election. Conservative economic principles are what won this election for both Va and nj. It was a rejection of the liberal democrat tax and spend policy that has slowed our economic recovery.

    In NY 23, Dede was no republican liberal or conservative. Her breaks from republicans went far beyond the social issues. She was for card check and big government as well and those are issues that even liberals like snowe and Collins support. And I’m calling the two ladies from Maine that title not for thru social stances but for their rejection of conservative fiscal policy supporting obama’s bail outs.

    Conservatives who are prolife and for traditional marriage never usually make that the focus of a successful campsin because they are fringe issues. Ronald Reagan never did, nor did Sarah Palin who ran a very economic focussed race for governor of Alaska. Her campaign strategy in that race was actually quiet savvy and if you look at her handling of social issues in that race you would even be impressed. It wasn’t until the McCain moderates got involved that tied palins hands to effectively campaign.

    I think you will see more R victories next year and they will be conservative as well. The next election the voter won’t care if you are prolife only whether they have a job and can put food on the table. With the electorates rejection of obama this election it is safe to say they feel his economic policies are failing, and conservative economic principles will be needed for recovery.

    So I congratulate the conservatives for thru victory this November and look forward to more wins next year. Liberal republican collaborators will unfortunately find out what happens when you support an appeasement of democrat strategies. Appeasement never seems to work well, just ask neville chamberlain.

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