Yes. I’m a Republican…

5 Nov

And I’m not a bad person. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Both the CBS/New York Times and the NBC/Wall Street Journal polls last week have Republican approval ratings hiting an all time low. Things are so bad that Dick Cheney, or Darth Cheney to some, is more popular then the party he helped drive to political impotency.

There is only one place where Republican’s are even less politically significant, Massachusetts. Of the 159 elected state representatives, 16 are Republican. The MASSGOP wishes it could be as irrelevant as the national party.

So naturally I decided to go into Republican politics in Massachusetts. I enjoy a challenge. Hell,  I probably would have followed Custer to Little Bighhorn too.  I’ve been a Republican since I was 16, but that was mostly because my Dad was one and so was my Uncle ,so I trusted the wisdom of my elders and didn’t think to much about it.

You: But Mike that was 9 years ago why are you still a Republican?

Me: I’m glad you asked.

After four years of college and two years working in government I have been in more political arguments then most people would care to have in their lives. But after all the arguments I realized, I actually am a Republican. This conclusion is based upon the following two principals:

1.) The central focus of the Government should be the maintenance of an individual’s freedom. Basically, the government can help you and your neighbors as much as it can, but only in so far as it doesn’t impact unduly on your individual freedoms. Even more simply: the balance of government will versus individual freedoms should weight more heavily to favor the individual. The CNN version: The Government shouldn’t over tax or over regulate, as such excessive involvement will infringe on the rights of the individual, their business and the ability of both to sculpt the local community.

Such an outlook basically can inform all domestic issues from abortion to financial regulation, but that wouldn’t do justice to those issues respectively so I’ll just quite here and move on.

2.) The United States, in my humble but profound view, has a responsibility to ensure domestic security, while building international consensus to promote national interests, while always reserving the ability to unilaterally act where the situation represents a categorical imperative.

Basically, foreign policy is anything but basic but the US comes first, Democracy for the world second and not without other folks help.

Now that I have you thoroughly confused by political philosophy BS, let me put it all into a more 24hr new cycle context.

I am pro-life, but not in a Pat Robertson, quote the bible and whatnot kind of way.

I am very pro-gay marriage, it’s the civil rights movement of our generation.

I was for limited Federal Stimulus, but against the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.  I felt similarly about the Bank and Auto-bailouts.

I like the direction of the President in terms of foreign policy; but I believe that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were justified, although in the case of the later not for the reason the administration stated. Regardless, now that we are there we have to finish it and leave the right way, not the British Empire way.

So that’s me and my Republicanism in a nutshell. In this blog I will endeavor to represent a Moderate Republican’s view on the issues of the day. Although, I, as often as possible, will post links to a variety of articles on the political and academic spectrum to hopefully allow you (the reader) to form your own opinions.

Thank  you and happy reading.


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