Top 5 Reasons Jimmy Kimmel Should Run the Oscars

9 Mar

Lets be honest. The 82nd annual Academy Awards were crappy.

In an awards show for award shows it wouldn’t have been nominated for best award show, even in an expanded field. The pacing was strained and odd, from the opening musical number which drove off straight males under the age of 25  to the in-memoriam part, which put my roommate to sleep, it just wasn’t a show that kept you interested.

Some would say that is largely the fault of the hosts, who keep the showing moving and funny. But I don’t think it was the fault of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, I mean they weren’t great; but they were funny here and there, and pretty much standard all around. The disinterest grew from poor and misguided direction that was overburdened with the responsibility of mixing of lengthy traditions with the ambiguous goal of appealing to younger viewers.

So this has to change. And I, of course, know the answer. Jimmy Kimmel.

I know it doesn’t seem right. But it feels right. And let me explain to you why, in a top 5 format.

5.) Promotion – A hefty part about putting on the Academy Awards is about promotion. This is why I never watch the Grammys. I never see any commercials for them, and then I forget they are on, and then I’m not upset that I forgot, when I see the “high”lights. Promotion is the key to viewership and viewership is the key to ensuring that you can keep the executives off your back long enough for you to try and put on a quality show.

4.) Live Performance – The Academy Awards is a live show, so you’ve got to be able to think on your feet and have some experience with the unpredictability of live shows. I’ll put aside the fact that Jimmy Kimmel’s show is called Jimmy Kimmel Live and provide a more humorous example of his ability to do it live! as our friend Bill O’Reilly would say.

3.) Presentation of Nominated Actors and Films – A core aspect of the Academy Awards is recognizing the actors/actress’ and the film, giving each a moment to shine with a national TV  audience. while doing so in a timely fashion that keeps the show rolling.  These moments are especially important as most viewers haven’t seen all the films in question. I mean how many people saw The Last Station? I didn’t even see it and I have a blog.

So there needs to be a presentation of the nominees. But I don’t think it has to be in the same old format, talk and talk about how awesome the performer is and how amazing the film is. I feel like it needs to be spiced up a little bit, especially for less known actors/films.

I give you Der Humpink…

2.) Handling Star Power – I think this is the ball game.  I mean George Clooney looked pissed the entire show.  But there is no way GC would have been so smug if he were watching a Jimmy Kimmel’s approach.

1.) Winners and Losers – Lets be honest the Oscars is all about winners and losers, how they handle the victory speech or how they run onto the stage like Kayne West and talk crazily about something no-one was caring about a minute ago.   Jimmy knows how to take a loss, I cite the Sarah Silverman video “I’m Fu#% Matt Damon”. But he also knows how to put out a winner, as follows.

I rest my case.


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