Archer:James Bond on Cartoon Network

26 Mar

It’s like James Bond and Cartoon Network had a baby with Mad Men as the surrogate mother. Archer is the latest in adult cartooning from Adam Reed creator/writer of  Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Sealab 2021, and Friskey Dingo. It’s kind of like robot chicken but with a consistent set of characters, although there still really isn’t a plot necessarily.

The show is about the employees of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), who are able to confuse, confound or complicate anything that James Bond would do.  The James Bond character is the insanely overconfident and cocky Sterling Archer, voiced by H. John Benjamin (voices from other cartoons and other stuff you’ve never heard of). Archer is the ultimate lady’s man and the ultimate spy with out knowing how to do either. He’s brainlessly hilarious.

Around Archer is the ISIS team led by Archer’s mother Malory (voiced by Jessica Walter – Arrested Development), a cougar with a heart of stone.  The Comptroller Cyril (Chris Parnell-Saturday Night Live), whose dating Archer’s ex-girlfriend and fellow spy Lana (Aisha Tyler). Along with a host of other office characters each with their own unique traits and more significantly fetishes.

Just so you can get a feel for what we’re talking about here is the promo:

And by coming soon, they mean now. It’s a ten episode season, seven of said ten are currently on the worlds best way to procrastinate Hulu. Click here!

If the linked exclamation point didn’t do it for you, I’ll continue.

Let’s be clear this isn’t the offensively hilarious South Park or the humor formerly known as Family Guy. It’s a comical version of the old school Johny Quest.

It’s at this point in the post that I should probably have some kind of cool analysis about why it’s funny and worth watching, but that really doesn’t exist. The best additional evidence I have of why it’s worth watching is follows.


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