Trailer Tuesday: Mortal Kombat Rebirth

9 Jun

Thought you couldn’t do anything more with Mortal Kombat? You were right.

But that didn’t stop a group of wayward film makers, including:  Michael Jai White (Spawn/The Dark Knight) and Gerri Ryan (7 of 9, Star Trek: Voyager) from trying to stir up some nerd-hype for this down and out video game to big screen franchise.

Actually, this 7 minute, well produced, action-packed teaser trailer doesn’t, you know…tease anything particular. There isn’t a new game or movie coming out, this is basically a  ‘hey wouldn’t this be cool’ kind of thing. And to be honest, it might be.  I mean taking the Mortal Kombat mythology to the streets in a gritty action film or video game could definitely find a market.


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