Knight and Day: Cruise Lets His Crazy Hang Out

24 Jun

Everybody thinks Tom Cruise is crazy. In Knight and Day he plays into that perception playing spy Roy Miller, who is more Lesly Nealson in Naked Gun then Sean Connery in James Bond. Basically, he’s a gun wielding super spy with a bizarre sense of humor, whose predictably trying to save the world. With Cameron Diaz just being kind of…there.

It’s one of those movies that you really can’t think very hard about or you’ll get an ice cream headache while eating popcorn.  June Havens (Diaz) the romantic-comedy-ditsy-blond runs around with the mysterious and potentially dangerous spy Roy (Cruise), who may or may not actually be the villain in this action farce. Complicating matters is Federal agent Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) who isn’t important enough to have a first name.

It’s fun and funny, and generally a fairly standard summer comedy-action that will make money off the laugh-way-to-much demographic. You know the one, it’s that small group of people who either sit in the very back or very front of a movie and have at least one member who laughs loudly at all of the moderately amusing scenes.  Cruise asks Diaz about her sisters wedding during a gun fight, bursts of laughter echo from one section of the crowd.

It’s a star powered movie which basically means you’ll like it or not depended upon your like/dislike of Cruise and Diaz. Diaz can be good, I site Any Given Sunday and Gangs of New York, but she isn’t here. Cruise is actually kind of good, but then again he’s playing to his strengths. It’s like Cruise’ agent woke up one day and thought to himself, craziness is a terrible thing to waste.

All in all probably better to catch it on TBS.


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