Express Me Outta This Party – It’s Moderates or the Tea Party, You Choose Republicans

3 Nov

The Tea Party express rolled into Republican primaries in New York and Delaware. And yesterday it rolled out, taking with it Republican chances of taking back the Senate.

Ok, that’s probably too strong. Republican’s still have a very good chances at 7 or so Senate seats and a number of Congressional seats. Including a Tea Party backed candidate, Jeff Perry, in the People’s Republican of Massachusetts 10th Congressional district.

But Representative Mike Castle might just have been the first casualty of a Republican civil war that will ironically prevent the party from taking back the House and Senate.  The anger and dissatisfaction of Republicans is something the Tea Party taps into like a Texan at an oil well. And in a primary, that kind of emotional plea works. But general elections are about building a coalition of voters.

Delaware is a center left state that has more registered Democrats than Republicans or Independents. So naturally Delawaran’s are going to be attracted to a pragmatic and moderate Republican, and why Mike Castle was the only Republican member of the Delaware delegation. Where is a divisive Tea Party candidate going to build a coalition in a state like that?

“A lot of people said we can’t win the general election;” Christine O’Donnell said last night in her victory speech, and then she started chanting, “yes we can!”

No you really can’t.

At least that’s what conservative political strategist, Bush advisor and liberal guru’s Darth Rove said, about O’Donnell. Karl Rove, in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, said, “I’ve met her (O’Donnell). I got to tell you, I wasn’t frankly impressed as her abilities as a candidate.”


If Darth Rove is breaking Reagan’s 11th commandment, honor thy party after thy primary, then we’ve got a serious problem in the Republican party. But then again O’Donnell is kind of a mor..well let’s say, wackado.

Throughout her primary campaign questions arose about a few things in O’Donnell’s life that may lead us to question her fitness to hold political office. Actually, Delaware GOP chair said, “She’s not qualified to run for dogcatcher.”

A few of these issues include: misleading voters about her college education, how she makes a living, why the IRS put a lein on her house, and why she sued a conservative think thank? Not to mention the allegations by former staffers that she may have been using campaign funds to pay her rent and living expenses.

Hmmm. Yes, naturally we would want to take someone off the unemployment line and put them in Congress because I’m sure someone who can’t hold a job herself, is capable of building the economy and creating jobs for others.

“It does conservatives little good,” Rove stated later on, ” to support candidates who at the end of the day, while they may be conservative in their public statements, do not event the characteristics of rectitude, truthfulness and sincerity and character that the voters are looking for.”

I understand that their is a discontented constituency of conservatives who have turned to an radical movement for an emotional outlet. Republican’s straight up abandoned the fiscal conservative wing of the party under the second Bush term, and this is the result. A party divided against itself that is becoming itself polarized.

The question is will Mike Castel Republicans, of which I would include myself, stay with the party. Honestly, as a socially moderate, fiscally conservative Republican the loss of Mike Castle was a signal that perhaps the GOP no longer truly is representing my values.

Then again I live in Massachusetts. So there is no way I’m leaving the Republican party. But if I lived in Delaware and I just saw an out of town movement take over the Republican primary and drive out the local leaders…I might take a long look and what my party is doing for me.


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