A Minority Government: But No Jesse Jackson

4 Nov

The UK finally found a government after a clearly decided popular election which yielded no majority in parliament. A hung parliament to be precise.  Don’t know what a hung parliament is?

Neither did I.

So let me get this straight the conservative party couldn’t form a government even though they possessed 47% of the seats in parliament and 2 million more popular votes? Well that makes the US electoral system so much more reasonable.

Except in so far as the third party, the Liberal Democrats, got 6 million popular votes, which somehow equals 10 % of the seats in Parliament even though they got 24% of the national vote. But how I understand is that the 650 members of parliament represent a district which elects them, and then parliament elects their leader who becomes Prime Minister, if their party gets enough seats in parliament.

Basically, it’s like the US  House of Representatives except the Speaker of the House, in this analogy, would get to run the country. But David Cameron, the new Prime Minister, didn’t have the necessary majority, until he accepted Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, as his Deputy Prime Minister.  So now Cameron and Clegg will have to work together on policy to get their agenda passed.

Cameron is actually being considered the new ideal conservative by some. An interesting review because in the US Cameron might well have more in common with Democrats or more likely the Blue Dog Democrats. He’s open minded on social issues, including gay rights, but wants to limit the scope of the British Government. He’s wouldn’t exactly be a Reagan Republican is all I’m say’n.

The interesting thing will be how Prime Minister Cameron gets along with President Obama, who might not see eye to eye philosophically. Although, anything would have to be better than the Brown – Obama relationship, which can be best summed up by their first exchange of gifts, shortly after Obama’s inauguration.

The President received an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet. The Prime Minister got a box set of DVD’s. A profound state about history, society and the growth of politics meets James Cameron’s Titanic. That about sum’s up the cultural realities of both nations.

But while confusing this seems to make more sense. I mean the Conservatives will have to work with the Liberal Democrat’s to pass any legislation, in effect the government’s functioning is reliant upon compromise.  This in contrast to the US system, in which the Democrat’s, if they could get their heads out of their floor motions, would be able to push through pretty much anything they want as they have powerful majorities in both legislative houses and control of the White House.

Interestingly, the Cameron administration is considered a Minority government, because it’s a coalition of two parties, even 92% of the UK population is white. I mean how can a country have a Minority government without Jesse Jackson, who was voted in 2006 the most important black leader.

The Thunder has spoken.


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