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Rachel Maddow – You (Scott Brown) Lie!

7 Nov

Anger! Rage! Rachel Maddow.

She’s pissed at Scott Brown for using her name as potential opposition candidate to scare up some out-of-state cash. But unfortunately for Scotty she didn’t know that she was running, or even being asked to run. Of course that doesn’t matter, Republican’s will see Rachel Maddow think crazy liberal lesbian on MSNBC and whip out their check books.

So Ms. Maddow has some right to be upset that she’s being used to stir up cash for the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts. But so her natural reaction is to take a full page aid out in the Boston Globe to set the record straight. The fact that she has a nationally syndicated cable TV show apparently wasn’t a large enough megaphone to present her case.

I’m all for setting the record straight, and calling people out when your name has been incorrectly used, but she’s a journalist whose suppose to be objective.   I don’t necessarily see the journalistic objectivity in her following comments –  “Do you remember when Mitt Romney ran for President after being our Governor and he went around the country insulting Massachusetts, talking about what an awful state we are?” While Governor Romney definitely made jokes about the liberalism of Massachusetts, I don’t remember him bashing the state he was Governor of, but that’s besides the point.

My point is this- she’s an activist. Can’t we just admit that she’s balancing out Fox News. She’s entertainment and so are they. I don’t go to MSNBC or FOX for news coverage, I go there for political slant and bias commentary.

I’m not saying she can’t be upset, but if you’re doesn’t this kind of thing weaken her arguments against Fox New’s activism. I mean she’s involved in the same kinda of activist journalism that Glenn Beck is, she just doesn’t support a group as much as an ideology.

I’m just say’n.


I Try to Like Rachel Maddow…

16 Nov

I try to like Rachel Maddow I really do, but this is the kind of segment that bothers me. I mean she frames the argument like Republican’s are the only ones who are ridiculous and have a “kooky” base. Because President Bush (G.W.) was treated with nothing but polite respectful disagreement from Democrats over the past 8 years.

All she had to do was talk a little bit about the culture of caustic political dialogue to win me over. Her ultimate conclusion is valid and worth consideration, but you can’t ignore that bipartisanism of such radical and seemingly mindless opposition posed by Tea Bagers or Bill Maher. Everybody has their crazy political cross bear; for Republicans it’s the birthers, for Democrats it’s the last eight years of comparing George Bush to monkeys.