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Can Obama See Russia From His House?

8 Nov

Pale Politics

  • Jeb Bush the future of the Republican party? In all honesty why not? Nobody else is stepping up to the plate with any success, let the man have a few swings. But with his last name it may be a little while before he’s politically viable for the higest office in the free world. That being said his popularity in Florida is high after a successful gubernatorial stint, why not Congressman or Senator Bush? That is of course assuming he doesn’t become Ambassador to Russia or something. (Stupid President and his intellegent political maneuvering)
  • Russia is almost certainly the key to Afghanistan and a stable central Asia. They can assert broad socio-political influence in a region that the US and the rest of the Western World are still trying to figure out. Russia is the natural geographical bridge between the West and Asia, but it can be much more. That is if Russia could ever get on the same page as the US, hence the President’s current trip. Either way, Vladmir Putin may be the only world leader who can be intimidating holding a tea cup.


We didn't get sugar in KGB
We didn’t get sugar in KGB
  • To Sarah Palin, I thought you were leaving? The Andrea Mitchell interview makes me think that she actually believes resigning an important role like Governor isn’t an inditment of her abilities as a political executive, and that her lack of widespread appeal is a media conspiracy against her. Further, an interview like this fuels the story. So why did she announce on a Friday again? I just don’t get it.
  • RIP Robert MacNamara. While certainly a controversial figure, not enough has been made of his honest and seemingly heartfealt ability to say that he was wrong about vietnam. While it was a late to the party kind of conversion, given his position in the administratons he served, I can appreciate his loyalty to the Presidents he served.

Thunder Awards…Poor Jimmy Carter

18 Sep

The Thunder Awards

obama_russia1 Winner of the Week: President Obama, removing the missile shield from Eastern Europe was the right thing to do. The missile shield, from my understanding, doesn’t necessarily well…work. So it’s existence in Eastern Europe was largely symbolic, and so it’s only fitting that it’s movement is largely symbolic. Russia was quick to applaud the President’s move calling it a brave discussion, this is perhaps the first reall positive step in US-Russian relations after the Georgian conflict debacle.

Russia is an unstable world player and is sure to be a key factor in stabilizing the Middle East and opposing North Korean nuclear ambitions. It was essential that the US make a gesture of good will to Russia to establish trust, moving the missile shield to the middle east is a clear demonstration to that effect. Not to mention the immediate threats to the US and NATO are in the Middle East, and given Iran’s missile threats against Israel this seems to make sense all around.

Note to those opposed to the movement – the Cold War ended almost 20 years ago, we need to move on.  

twin398lLoser of the Week:Jimmy Carter, for his re-stiring the racial plot and giving it Presidential weight. I’m not saying President Carter doesn’t have a point, but the timing is awful and it will muddy the Sunday morning talk show conversation at a time when the President is about to put his full weight behind an actual health care bill. Instead of strongly advocating for what he likes and doesn’t like about the House health care legislation he’s going to be dealing with race in America and President Carter.

Not that race relations, on all sides and on all levels, isn’t a significant topic for debate (especially with the President) but he can’t afford to have this kind of issue fester, and distract from his health care message. It’s simply an unnecessary complication when he’s trying to pass the most signficant health care reform since medicare.

That being said I think President Carter’s statement is also unfair to the millions of American’s who oppose the President’s agenda and could care less about his race. To be sure some of the opposition to the President’s policies seems almost viceral and rooted in more than policy or politics. But to broadly label the oppposition as racially motivated is nothing but a distraction from the necessary debate on health care we should be having.

Good job Jimmy, you’ve hurt someone else’s Presidency.

Online Header of the Week: Drudge Report– “THERE WILL BE BLOOD: PELOSI WARNES AGAINST POLITICAL VIOLENCE” , you have got to love Drudge for pure rediculousness. The Speakers quotes were a bit rash, but certainly weren’t as inflamatory as the headline would make it seem, either way it made me chuckle.

Video of the Week:  This isn’t the best quality, nor the best version of the events…but it’s been on ESPN all week, so catch it there if you haven’t already seen it.